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MAADEN Alumina Refinery - Central Control Room – Saudi Arabia

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CLIENT: Honeywell Process Solutions
Date: 2012
Location: Saudi Arabia

Honeywell engaged Jackson Lane for concept and detailed design of a new control room at the Maaden Alumina Refinery in Saudi Arabia. The new control room is part of a major greenfields refinery development which is itself part of an integrated mine, refinery, smelter and downstream manufacturing complex

Jackson Lane was responsible for all Architectural, and Interior design for the control room and adjacent equipment and training rooms and worked in close cooperation with Honeywell who were responsible for all process control systems design and implementation for the plant as a whole.

The new control room interior was fitted out with 5 operator control stations each with space for 2 operators. We were responsible for the detailed design of custom made operator console desk furniture to be provided under Honeywell’s scope of supply. This included 5 operator console desks with motorised height adjustment, a simulator desk and 5 operator work desks

The layout incorporated large format video display systems for CCTV and process trends and overviews. This is intended to maximise the information available to all panel operators and shift supervisors in abnormal situations.

Special consideration was given to innovative lighting arrangements and acoustic treatment to provide the most comfortable and ergonomic working conditions for the control room operators.