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BP Bulwer Is. Refinery - Bitumen Operations Centre

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CLIENT: BP Bitumen
Date: 2010
Location: Bulwer Island, Brisbane QLD, Australia

BP engaged Jackson Lane for concept and detailed design of a new blast resistant operations centre building at the Bulwer Island refinery site in Queensland. The new facility replaces an existing office building that was deemed unsafe in the event of an accidental explosion or toxic gas release from the adjacent process plant. Current safety considerations require that new occupied buildings located near the process plant area and exposed to a potential blast risk are designed as blast resistant structures.

The structural design incorporates a series of 9 prefabricated steel blast resistant modular buildings linked together to form a single integrated building. A blast resistant HVAC module is located on the roof and provided pressurised conditioned air to all areas. All external wall penetrations for are fitted with certified blast resistant doors and cable transit frames.

The building accommodates approximately 20 refinery staff and includes office accommodation for plant operations personnel together with the plant process control room and truck loading administration facility. Total floor area is aproximately 300 sq.m.

An additional blast resistant modular building was provided as a truck drivers lunch room and toilet.